Thinking Cap #1 - The Question: Can the Devil Read Your Mind?

We, as Biblicists, hold the position that God is omniscient. From that we would conclude that God can read our minds, He knows our thoughts. As an interesting follow up question, can the Devil read your mind? Does he know what you are thinking? My opinion is no better or worse than yours. What matters is what does the Bible say. How would you answer this question and how would you support your answer from the Scriptures? Let me know what you think by 1/4/95.

Here would be my line of reasoning to tackle this question.

  • God does know what you are thinking (Heb. 4:12; Jer. 17:9-10)
  • The angels (including Satan) do not know all that God knows (Acts 1:7; Mt.24:36) and therefore are not omniscient.
  • The angels gain their understanding of us by observing what we do and say (1 Cor.11:1-10). The focus of the passage is on being in submission to those in authority. It illustrates this by use of a "covering." Notice verse 10. The angels can't read your mind, but they can see your "covering" and thus identify one who would appear to be rebellious and thus a good target for their temptations. This is not a black and white argument, but very feasible.
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    Kent Haralson


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