Thinking Cap # 18 - The Question: World Domination.

With this the 50th anniversary year of victory in World War II, a lot of focus has been given to the struggle in Europe during that time. While from a Theistic point of view, Hitler was wrong (although our Humanist friends would have to eat crow as Hitler was living out their view of ethics in the extreme), one does have to ask the question as to the position of the Jews in society. Are they indeed to be the working class. Are the "gentiles" supposed to be the leaders. I'd enjoy hearing your thots (with supporting Scripture) by Friday, September 22.

This was a more puzzling question, or else it was not stated very clearly, or perhaps everyone is very busy. In any event, only Martin took a shot at it.

Here for what it is worth is how I would address the concept of world domination.

Our marching orders come from the Noahic Covenant (Gen. 9:1-27). This covers man's relationship to the world after the flood. Noah declared that the Messianic line would come through Shem, that world power would come to rest in the hands of Japheth, that ultimately the Japhetic peoples would become beneficiaries of spiritual blessings brought by the Semitic family to the world, and that the Canaanite races would come under special curse of God. In due time all that Noah foresaw came to pass. The descendants of Shem have given the world the Bible, the Savior, and the rich spiritual blessings of the Church. The descendants of Japheth (Aryan races) have been the world's active explorers and empire-builders. With the fall of Belshazzar, world power passed into Japhetic hands, where it has been ever since and where it will remain until Gentile power comes in its dreadful climax under the Beast. Canaanite races have struggled under bondage and servanthood to this day. How has all this come to pass?

  • The Hamites: Noah prophesied in Gen 9:25, "And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren," due to the shameful sin of Ham. This has been seen in Palestine through the Semetic Jews under Joshua (Josh.9:21-27; Jud. 1:28-30, 33, 35) and Solomon (I Ki. 9:20, 21). We see this also in American slavery and even now in central Africa in the Mohammedan States.
  • The Semites: Of Shem, we read, Gen 9:26, "And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant." Jehovah is the God of Shem; that is, the Semitic race is the bearer of His special revelation. For Japheth, God is Elohim, the creator, maintainer, and universal ruler (Gen. 9:27). Salvation is of the Jews (Jo. 4:22). The blessing of Shem consisted in the concentration of all spiritual and saving powers.
  • The Japhethites: World Political and Intellectual Influence. Noah prophecied in Gen. 9:27, "God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant." Japheth was the father of the Medes (*Madai" in Gen. 10:2), and the Greeks (*Javan* in Gen. 10:2 which means of the race Ionians, i.e. Greeks). Consequently Japheth was the father of the Romans, Persians, and generally the Indo-Teutonic and Nordic race. From this prophecy the great extension of political and intellectual influence is the privilege of the Japhetic peoples. Up until 538 B.C. this did not appear to be the case as the Shemites and Hamites were the ruling civilized people in the Near East and Northern Africa. With fall of Belshazzar, the Semitic peoples fell into subjugation before the Japhetic people. The Hametic people fell in 202 B.C. as Hannibal was defeated. Hannibal was a Phoenician Carthaginian. The Phoenicians, though of Semitic tongue, were Hamites by race (Ge. 10:15 - Sidon was a major Phoenician city). With battle, the Canaanites were not subject to the Japhetic people. Since then, no Semitic or Hamitic race has succeeded in breaking the world supremacy of the Japhethites. The blessing of Japheth included the widest extension of all intellectual and worldly powers, ie. earthly success.
  • Thus, it would appear that until Christ returns to set up his earthly millenial reign, world domination and earthly powers are ascribed to the Japhites (Aryans). And we have a drunken stupor by Noah, inappropriate action by Ham and a more sensible response by Shem and Japheth to thank for it all.
  • Pleasant Thinking,
    Kent Haralson


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