Thinking Cap #9 - The Question: Is There Extraterrestrial Life?

All right, I'll confess. I'm a "trekkie." Not one of those who makes the convention rounds and buys the memorabilia, mind you. But nevertheless, I'm hooked on the Star Trek shows. I have ever since the late 60's. Now that I've admitted my weakness of the flesh, will you still be my friend? I could plead insanity (caught from my kids of course), but I figured it was more therapeutic to be open about my sin. I find most of their stuff to be very mind-stretching and I've even picked up a little of the Klingon tongue over the years. But, I've often wondered about their search for sentient beings out there. Do you think there is intelligent life out there (for that matter, do you think there is intelligent life here on earth?). That's the question for this week, should you care to imbibe. Is there extraterrestrial life? Is Ezek. 1 a precursor of things to come and are the "wheels" really space ships with little green men (or at least ET) on them?

As always, at least one or two Scriptural references in your answer would be useful. Your thoughts, should you wish to jump in are due to me by midnight on Wednesday, March 22.

This one is going to have a little more of man's logic in it, in addition to Scriptural concepts. But, for the record, here is how I would approach this topic.

  • It is impossible to prove a universal negative of this kind, but there is not as yet even the slightest evidence, either Biblical or scientific, that there are men like us inhabiting other planets or star systems.
  • Life, at least such as we know it, requires a very complex combination of environmental factors to be possible and thus far, no other body within our sensors even comes close (water, temperature, complex chemicals, atmosphere (class "M" planet type).
  • The main reason that men keep wishfully searching for evidence of extraterrestrial life is that this would give support to their evolutionary philosophy. Their "chance" theories would be enhanced, if they were able to find life elsewhere.
  • The Bible teaches unequivocally that the earth is *uniquely* the abode of man (Ps. 115:16 and Acts 17:26).
  • It was to this earth, alone among all the uncounted billions of heavenly bodies, that God Himself, in Jesus Christ, came down to suffer and die for man's salvation (Jo. 3:13).
  • The earth may not be the center of the universe, but it is certainly the center of interest of the universe (1 Jo. 4:9).
  • It seems grotesque and blasphemous to suggest that the tragedy of Calvary's cross should be repeated on millions of other planets for the benefit of other unknown and hypothetical members of God's creation. The Bible tells us that Jesus "died unto sin *once*" (Ro. 6:10). Also see Heb. 7:27. God is not willing that *any* should perish (2 Pe. 3:9), Jesus is the *only* way to be saved (Acts 4:12, Jo. 14:6), and points number 5 & 6 demonstrate that Jesus came to the Earth.
  • Since the sun and moon were made specifically to "give light upon the earth" (Ge. 1:15), it may be possible that the moon, and even the solar system, were within the "dominion" which man was commissioned by God ultimately to "subdue," by his science and technology (Ge. 1:28).
  • The stars would be there for two purposes:
  • First, as a means of communicating the Gospel story: Ro. 10:18, Ps. 19:1-6, Job 38:32, Job 38:31, Job 9:9, Ps 8:3, Ps. 147:4, Ge 1:14, Ge 1:16. This was for a verbal sharing of God's plan for the ages through the constellations primarily before the written Word of God. But, then this is another "thinking cap."
  • Second, as the primary sphere of operations for the heavenly hosts (Job 38:7; Is. 14:12, 13; Rev. 12:4, 9; 9:1; Jer. 33:22; II Chron. 18:18; Ps. 104:4; Heb.1:7)
  • Genesis 3:20 tells us that Eve was the "mother of all living." Again, if we hold that every word of God is pure (Prov. 30:5), then the use of the work "all" is significant. "All" living humans come from Eve, which would rule out life elsewhere. A small point, but one worth noting.
  • Thus, I would conclude that the earth is for humanoids and the stars are for the angelic host. Although it is all but certain (my opinion) that no other man-like creatures inhabit other worlds, it is true that in God's universe, and possibly on the stars themselves, there exists a vast host of intelligent and powerful beings, angels of God. While it is futile to try and contact them through space ships and radio waves, we can communicate with God Himself through prayer and through His Word, by faith, and the angels then are "sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation." (Heb. 1:14).
  • Pleasant Thinking
    Kent Haralson


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