A Place for Christian Martial Artists


Since our founding in 1986 the GMAU has grown to include membership in 48 states and 19 foreign countries and is one of the largest conservative Christian martial arts organizations in the world. We have seen thousands of people come to Christ and rejoiced as more and more churches are establishing Christ-centered martial arts ministries. In addition to our worldwide membership we have over 30 official “GMAU Academies” operating out of churches and Christian schools in the central Indiana area.
The GMAU International Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, is one of the largest full-time martial arts training centers in the world. We have been blessed with approximately 20,000 square feet of training and educational space that includes 3 full-sized training halls/dojos, a library, a commercial kitchen, an academic/lecture classroom, a black belt lounge, administrative offices, a regulation-boxing ring, and a 9,000 square foot main training/banquet hall. This is the location for many classes seminars year-round as well as our National Conference every November.
The GMAU was founded as an organization to encourage and aid Christian martial arts. To that extent, the GMAU has developed a distinctly Christian philosophy of martial arts that is Bible-centric in its origin and purpose. We endeavor to publish, propagate, and set a national and international standard for true Christian martial arts philosophy. Simply put, the GMAU is a Christian martial arts organization, not just an organization for Christians who practice the martial arts.