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            A Christian Philosophy of Self Defense

            Implementing a Martial Arts Ministry

            The True Meaning of Budo


Martial Arts University

The GMAU strongly supports the pursuit of academic excellence. To further our goal of providing tools and curriculum to aid instructors in teaching the martial arts from a Christian perspective, we provide the opportunity for full members to enroll in courses through our partnership with the Great Plains Baptist Divinity School.


The University of Biblical Martial Arts & Sciences (UBMAS) is a degree granting division of the GPBDS in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It provides students with a means of obtaining academic training in the martial arts from a biblical perspective. Students can enroll in courses individually, or may work toward a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degree in the Christian Martial Arts.


Through the external degree program, the academic work is taken in correspondence with the faculty of the university. This enables students to complete academic degrees without having to relocate, although some do. Students are able to work at home at their own pace. The faculty represent a strong cross-section of disciplines. All have post graduate degrees from accredited and/or recognized institutions of higher education and possess expert experience in their specialized area. UBMAS Faculty are comprised of pastors, commercial dojo owners, evangelists, organizational leaders, and missionaries. The college offers almost 100 courses in the fields of the natural sciences, philosophy, Bible, physical education & health, legal aspects of martial arts training, leadership, psychology, and martial sciences.


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