A Place for Christian Martial Artists

Leadership Qualifications

GMAU leadership qualifications are based on criteria presented in the Holy Scriptures for overseers, ministers, and teachers (1 Timothy 3). As a Christian organization, the GMAU leadership qualifications are first spiritual and then technical and professional. The qualifications require both public and private integrity.


GMAU Leaders must:

• be actively pursuing a vital and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. An active prayer life and regular reading and study of the Word should be evident in their life.

• be zealous to serve the Lord and give the glory due His name. They should prefer honoring God and glorifying him to personal recognition and fame.

• be active in the local church. They should attend services regularly, and be held in good regard by the church. They should support the ministry of their church with their time, resources, and money.

• have a good reputation in the church and in the community. GMAU Leaders are role models in the church and the community. Their lifestyle must affirm their personal integrity.

• be committed to marriage and family. In other words, GMAU Leaders must believe in and exemplify personal fidelity and relational integrity. They must be loyal and faithful to their spouse and children.

• have the endorsement of their pastor and church affirming their character and fitness for ministry.

• be willing to accept the oversight of pastoral leadership. All GMAU academies/dojos/ministries that exist within a church naturally come under the ministry of that local church. GMAU leadership that operate schools that exist outside the normal ministry of the local church will also benefit from the leadership of their pastor who may be a wonderful resource providing, ministry covering, advice, and support.

• be committed to helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and in their value and service to the kingdom of Heaven, their family, and their community. Leaders are called to be mentors & teachers. They provide personal guidance and direction for their students. A teacher's affirmation comes from the successes of their students.

• be in agreement with the beliefs (doctrinal statement), vision, and mission statement of the GMAU.

• possess an expert skill (black belt or equivalent) in a valid martial art. However, it is not enough to possess a technical skill in martial arts. They must also be able to teach and pass their knowledge on to new generation of students.


• Certified GMAU Academy Instructors

An HQ appointment to officially chartered GMAU school heads & GMAU Academy directors with full instructor certification. GMAU academies operate under the rigorous standards of the GMAU. Team Coaches and Apprentices are also considered GMAU leaders and work under the authority of a GMAU Academy Instructor.

• Ministry Directors

An HQ appointment to a professional service component. These are operational positions relating to GMAU HQ day-to-day affairs.

• State Representatives

An HQ appointment responsible for an entire state. State Reps work in coordination with local Christian martial artists and Christian martial arts groups/ministries to promote GMAU membership, organize and host local and statewide events, and encourage official dojo affiliation.

• Regional Directors

An HQ appointment responsible for two or more states. Regional Directors work in coordination with State Reps to promote GMAU membership, organize and host regional GMAU events, and develop a strong GMAU identity within the appointed region.

• Style Heads/Advisors

An HQ appointment responsible for the rank certification of GMAU membership within specific officially recognized martial arts styles. Style Heads work in coordination with State Reps and Regional Directors to facilitate and schedule annual rank examinations.

• National Directors

An HQ appointment responsible for an entire nation. National Directors work in coordination with State Reps and regional directors to promote GMAU membership, organize and host national GMAU events, and develop a strong GMAU identity within the appointed country.

• Board of Governors/Directors

Elected officials much like an elder board at the local church level, the governors serve as an oversight board for spiritual covering, official policy development, and authorized protocol/procedure. All GMAU Board positions require an active leadership/service component within the GMAU.

• Executive Council

An HQ appointment; Executive Council members are high ranking Christian martial artists from across the United States and around the world. Each council member is an official GMAU Headquarters appointment. Councilmen lend their expert/professional advice to the GMAU in their respective fields. The GMAU Council represents the "inner circle" of chief advisors to the Executive Director.