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None of the following links come with any implication that the GMAU endorses these styles or any of the opinions expressed on these websites. They are for the education of our members only.

Organizations that have affiliation with the GMAU.

The University of Biblical Martial Arts & Sciences is a degree granting division of the Great Plains Baptist Divinity School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The college exists for the task of providing martial artists with a means of obtaining academic training in the martial arts from a biblical perspective.

Ishi-Ryoku Jutsu is a martial art for the 21st century, combining the discipline of traditional karate and ju-jitsu techniques with the more modern aspects of self-defense. This system really works in the street.

American Karate and Tae Kwon Do Organization is a professionally run organization founded and headed by Mr. Keith Yates, our current Chairman of the GMAU Board of Governors.

Porta's Karate-Do & Kobudo Academy is the United States Headquarters for the Okinawa Goju-Ryu Shobukan Organization. Sensei John Porta is the founder and Kancho of the Academy.

Keichu-Do: Street Boxing Cajun Style. Instruction in this program is threefold: physical, mental, and spiritual training. Keichu students are held accountable to the standards of the dojo and to a high level of moral and ethical standards. Keichu-Do is considered a "hard style," although it does incorporate some "soft style" elements.

The Galatia Self-Defense Program trains students in the following techniques: Scripture memory, personal devotions, soul-winning, personal reading, writing and research, kicking, punching, locks and bars, releases, falls and rolls, counterattacks, basics, physical conditioning, and; character and leadership development.